Bikes Now Available For Guests At Creekhaven Inn

One of the reasons why we loved this location and ultimately decided to purchase was that it was not only peaceful and secluded, but that it was also within walking distance of the square. Although a lazy stroll down the historic Mill Race Lane is a great way to get exercise and visit the town, we know some people would rather get there faster. So, we worked with local company Polson Pedals, who refurbished some old bikes for us and made them available complimentary to our guests.

Of course, it’s not enough to have a bike. We also made sure to include handy little baskets on the front to help you carry your newfound treasures after shopping on the square. Being a preferred getaway for couples, we also thought it would be fun to offer a tandem bike. We lovingly call it “The Marriage Counselor” as it has led to a few minor disagreements and ultimately better communication and harmony – once the two riders figure out how to pedal in sync with each other. 

As business owners we couldn’t help but brand our new modes of transportation with these custom Creekhaven Inn license plates. Aren’t they so cute?!?! 

We keep adding bikes to our fleet of vintage, upcycled wheels, and are working on a better storage solution for them when not in use. They are free for our guests and make it so easy to get in and around town, especially when Market Days and festivals make parking a car in town a challenge. This way guests can get in and out with ease, and quickly tour the many shops, dining, and natural attractions in and around town. 

Ready to try out our new bikes? Book your visit now!

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