At the inn it is very important that everything we offer be in full alignment with our mission to promote health and wellness and a truly holistic lifestyle. For the past several months I have searched for the perfect skin care line to support our facials and other aesthetician services. I am excited to announce I have finally found it!

For us, evanhealy skin care checks all of the important boxes in terms of product quality, company philosophy, and operations. Specifically, it aligns with our mission and values in these key areas:

Organic, Clean Products

One of the main appeals of evanhealy skin care is that the products are organic and free of all toxins including parabens, sulfates, and other chemicals and preservatives. All products are made with whole plant-based ingredients including oils, butters, and waters. The majority of the products are vegan and gluten-free as well, making them in line with our commitment to provide an allergen-free and sensitivity-friendly experience for our guests.

System for Balancing Health

One of the things I loved most about evanhealy is her products and her skin care system is designed to promote balance and to work with your skin and your body to achieve that balance. She has designed skin care “rituals” to help you connect with, honor, and balance the largest and most visible organ of your body. Those rituals will need to change based on what is happening in your life and in your environment. This “seasonal” approach to skin care that honors and recognizes the rhythms of life and your body makes it truly a holistic skin care system.

Socially Conscious Business Operations

I was already excited about evanhealy’s products, but when I found out that everything is ethically and sustainably sourced and produced, I knew I had truly found the right company to partner with our spa. All ingredients are sourced directly from small family farms, women’s co-operatives and co-operative villages from around the globe. They are a sincerely relationship-based company who builds long-term partnerships with their suppliers and their retail partners. That is because they ensure that every one of the folks they do business with supports and practices their values (just like we do!). Also, evanhealy is a woman-owned business based here in the United States. So, we get to support a woman-owned enterprise right on our home turf.

Most of all, their products work! They leave your skin feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, balanced, and most of all healthy. They feel indulgent without the guilt, because you know that you’re not only doing something good for yourself, but also for the planet and your fellow humans every time you use them.

So I encourage you to make an appointment today to receive your facial and to pick up your very own evanhealy skin care regimen from us. I know you’ll become a fan too!