Like most of you, we’re crazy busy. We have two kids to raise, a business to run, we’re currently renovating a house, and we’re working to launch a new business. The stress that stuff creates makes it important to make sure we’re finding time for each other and keeping our relationship strong. Because of that we try and have a date night every Friday evening after the guest reception at Creekhaven. We try to make the rounds at all the great Wimberley dining experiences and as a bonus, that helps us recommend amazing Wimberley restaurants to our guests.

In addition to our Friday night dates in Wimberley, about once a month we’d have the kids stay at grandma’s and we’d make a meal together at home. We really love the experience of cooking together and experimenting with new dishes in the kitchen. The problem is we’re renovating our house and our kitchen looks like this.

But we do have a fully functioning kitchen at the inn and we constantly have guests asking if we serve dinner. We have had so many conversations about whether we should serve dinner at Creekhaven (Ironically, many of those discussions were on our Friday night dates). We’ve wanted to offer dinner for years now but logistically, it would be a challenge for us. We’re a small family run bed and breakfast and serving dinner is almost like starting a new business. Particularly in this current environment of staffing issues. While we’ve done many dinners for special events or private parties, we have not jumped in to providing regular dinner service.

Given the current status of our home kitchen, and the fact that we’re all living with grandma, we have decided to start small by providing an “Innkeeper Dinner” from time to time. It’ll allow Helena and I to continue enjoying to cook together and see if we can make dinners at Creekhaven a more regular offering.

Here is what we’re thinking. Helena and I will prepare a three-course meal on select Friday evenings with service in the dining room. We’ll do this in conjunction with the Friday night reception and target a 7pm sit down time for the first course. Seating will be limited to keep things manageable for the two of us plus we only have a few tables available in the dining room. We’ll have two private dining tables that can be reserved for two or four people. We’re also planning on enjoying the meal, so we’ll be dining as well. There will be space at our table for a couple or two, for anyone that would like to join us for dinner.

Full disclosure, we’re home cooks, not chefs. We love to experiment in the kitchen, and we lean towards healthy choices. That said, we also love creamy sauces and rich foods. Like most things, balance is key in food choices. When cooking, we choose high quality ingredients and select organic when possible. So while dinner may not be prepared by a formal chef, it will be prepared with love using quality ingredients. If you would like to enjoy dinner at Creekhaven, we’d love for you to join us. Check the website for the dinner schedule, menu, and pricing. We’re excited to see what this new opportunity brings!