Rescued Relics is a quirky little shop nestled down River Road offering a wide range of antiques, vintage treasures, and garden art. Bursting with personality, each room in this two-story shop features a different theme, including a “man cave” filled with tools, beer bottles, and art. In addition to the antiques and vintage finds, there are a number of items owner Heather Jackson calls “Artisan Repurposed Chic Juntique.” Which is quite a mouthful but an appropriate description for the many unique “upcycled” trinkets and décor hidden throughout the store.

The front yard and back porch are also brimming with metal garden art, tables, chairs, planters, and more. You may have to make more than one pass through the store to make sure you’ve seen it all, as there are so many wonderful and rare items to find. The prices are also very fair, making it easy to walk away with a couple of new gifts for yourself or someone you know.

I try to stop by once a month as you never know what new stuff she’s picked up since your last visit. I’ve found many great pieces for the inn and for my home, including a beautiful tea set and tons of great baskets for putting together couple’s baskets and gifts. My sister also loves this store and makes it a point to stop by every time she’s in town.

So, whether you’re looking for vintage beer signs for your man cave, rusty garden décor to add some shabby chic charm to your patio, or a unique serving set for your next tea party, Rescued Relics is sure to have something perfect for you.