Response to Corona Virus


Focused on Guest Safety.

Ownership at Creekhaven Inn & Spa has done quite a bit over the past year to improve upon the offering including how we protect our guests during their stay. The previous owners did a terrific job of putting into place standard hotel cleaning and housekeeping practices that have been carried forward. In addition, HEPA filters have been added to each room and the filters cleaned weekly.  All guest areas are routinely sanitized, and of course, employees routinely wash their hands and wear gloves when handling food and cleaning.  

We have also eliminated our buffet and we are serving a plated breakfast. We normally serve a plated breakfast during the week so this is not anything new for us. We also have the ability to sit people apart by 6 feet or more. Until further notice weekends we will have two breakfast times. One from 8:30 to 9:15 and a second from 9:15 to 10 am. This will allow us to provide seating with the minimum of 6 feet. 

During this time of peak concern, additional measures have been added to our standard practices. Duvets have been removed from the rooms and only quilted blankets will be utilized. This allows for all bedding to be washed between each guest stay.  

Our guests and our staff safety and comfort is of paramount importance to us. We encourage guests to communicate any questions or concerns that may arise. We hope that the opportunity to enjoy clean fresh air while a guest at Creekhaven Inn provide peace and comfort to our guests during this time and all times! 

Our strategy and policy is to continue the high standard of cleaning and sanitizing care as usual, which is to include: 

  1. Housekeeping and kitchen staff to wear gloves at all times while cleaningin sanitized areas, and handling food and dishes.  
  2. Employees was hands with soap and water regularly and especially after using the restroom, after sneezing, coughing and touching ones face, after handling disposal of waste or food discards and before handling food even when wearing gloves for these activities.  
  3. Employees are asked to routinely sanitize regularly handled surface areas such as door handles, light switches, keyboards, remotes and telephones, as well as counter tops and other surface areas.  
  4. We have purchased a sanitizing fogger to clean large surfaces for maximum protection. 
  5. All guest rooms are to be disinfected daily including all surface areas using hospital grade disinfectants. 
  6. As an added precaution during this time of concern all duvets will be removed from the rooms and all quilted blankets and sheets and pillow cases will be washed between each guest.  
  7. Additional blankets are available upon request.

Additional Changes to Our Dining Experience: 

We have also removed the buffet aspects of our breakfast. We can provide guests with the option of room service or dining at a private table in the dining room. This will keep dining room occupancy low and below the recommended gathering of 10. On weekends assigned seating and times may be required. Additionally staff are being extra diligent on proper food handling procedures for the safety of our guests. Other than being able to just grab items yourself a lot hasn’t changed to our guest favorite breakfast service. We still have the items available, we’re just “dishing” them out.