In our fast-paced society it is so easy to find yourself feeling drained and out of sync. Even folks who would consider themselves healthy can find the hectic speed of modern life taxing on mind, body, and soul. If you are finding it difficult to restore energy and get back in balance, it may be time to try Reiki.  

Pronounced “ray-key,” Reiki is a Japanese technique of gentle touch designed to improve the flow and balance of energy in the body. Sometimes referred to as a “massage for the soul,” Reiki can often bring balance when other remedies have failed to provide the relief and recovery you’re looking for. Reiki differs greatly from traditional massage. Each Reiki practitioner is also extremely varied in their approach. Even with the same practitioner and client, each session can be quite different. That is because it is a very intuitive practice and is influenced by the energetic needs of the client, the practitioner’s approach, and the environment. 

The main purpose of Reiki is to get energy moving through the body in a balanced and healthy way. Energetic blocks can manifest in several spiritual, mental, and physical ailments. By gently working through blockages and breathing energy back into the energetic centers of the body, the Reiki Master can help a guest heal imbalances, relax, and improve general well-being.  

Some practitioners may incorporate a variety of tools and techniques in their session. For example, some may use singing bowls, crystals, aromatherapy, music, or other tools to aide in their treatment. Our resident Reiki Master, Mary Lancaster, utilizes a few auditory techniques including humming, chanting, and singing. In some cases, she may guide the guest through a visualization meditation. This helps to calm mental chatter and provide the guest with a calming visual to focus on while she works to move energy throughout the body.  

Our sessions last for 45 minutes, during which time the guest remains fully clothed on top of the massage table. As with any healing modality, it’s important to be properly hydrated both before and after the session. It is also recommended to turn off all electronic and remove any smart watches to prevent interruption from notifications and disturbances from electromagnetic fields (EMF).  

The addition of Reiki to our service offerings really drives home our mission to promote total health and wellness. As Reiki Master, Mary, notes, the natural beauty and serenity of Creekhaven Inn and Spa enhances the relaxation and effectiveness of Reiki. Many of us have experienced a healing Reiki session with Mary with tremendous results, especially in terms of achieving better overall sense of well-being. Some of our other practitioners are currently pursuing training in Reiki in order to add energetic healing to their repertoire, which will make this amazing healing technique even more widely available to our guests. 

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