Meet Evan Kaye, one of the nicest guys you’ll ever know and a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) here at Creekhaven Inn and Spa. Evan has been an LMT since 2008. He started out his career working in computers but decided to try out massage when one of his friends began his massage training. Evan instantly fell in love and left computers to become a full-time massage therapist. Funnily enough though his friend decided to leave massage and pursued a career in computers instead. Evan doesn’t regret the swap and loves the feeling he gets when he helps clients through massage.

Evan started his career in traditional massage. After seven years he decided he wanted a new challenge and pursued training in Thai massage, which he found to be a stimulating addition to his massage repertoire. Thai massage is different from regular massage in that the client remains clothed and works on the floor instead of a table with the therapist who engages in aided stretching and yoga poses, which are enhanced with targeted massage. Evan believes that everyone can benefit from Thai massage, but it is especially beneficial for folks who are inhibited in traditional massage scenarios (where there is less clothing), for individuals with tight hips, and for aiding prenatal patients who need to safely release lower back pressure.

Evan’s main goal with his clients is to provide the greatest amount of pleasure and relief with the least amount of discomfort. It’s hard to argue with that! Evan adds that he uses every tool in his toolbelt to achieve that goal, no matter what type of service his clients engage with him. Most of all, he wants to help people achieve a positive change with a healing experience administered through touch and intention. He says the feeling is palpable and more rewarding than words can express.

When not working at the inn, Evan his very busy with his two young daughters ages three and five. He admits that he is a “slave to his girls” and loves doting on them at every opportunity. Evan is also an accomplished “bowyer,” a person who handcrafts bows and arrows. He uses natural materials, many of which he sources and carves himself, including deerskin, snakeskin, and even ducks from his friend’s pond. We have yet to see his skills in action but look forward to seeing some of his creations very soon!