As we continue our spotlight of our spa staff, I want to introduce one of our Licensed Massage Therapists, Holly Dunlap. Holly started out her career in 2000 in the medical field as a CNA and medical assistant. She’s worked in a variety of settings including home health and hospice. Holly views massage as a natural continuation of her nursing journey.

The inspiration to pursue massage came to her at a lady’s church retreat, where she was gifted a bookmark with a scripture about hands. She’s always loved helping people and viewed massage as another way to do that. Holly is constantly educating herself and learning new techniques, though she says she is drawn to working on the neck and shoulders. It’s an area where many people hold their stress. She focuses on stretching and lengthening those areas using slow, intentional strokes. She finds that really helps clients relax.

Holly also says she loves to work on people who are getting their first massage. She likes to be the one to introduce them to the benefits and to ease them in to massage with more stretching and skin rolling techniques that loosen the outer fascia. She finds that when couples come in for a massage, often one is very experienced and into massage, while their partner has never had a massage. So, she makes it a point to take the partner who has little to no experience.

Holly has lived in Wimberley for ten years. She has five kids and two grandkids. Her daughter teaches Camp Gladiator here in town. Holly makes it a point to take a class 3-4 times a week and says the experience has been life changing. When not working, or working out, Holly loves to cook and bake. She loves learning new recipes and has been working on healthier versions of her favorites, though she still indulges in dessert. We agree dessert is a must!