Today I want to introduce you to one of our amazing estheticians, Jennifer Bertrand. Jennifer has been with us for nearly two years and brings a wealth of knowledge about holistic skin care and natural healing. Jennifer happened upon her career in esthetics following high school, when she moved to San Francisco and got a job at the Body Shop. The store where she worked needed someone to handle their instore makeovers, so she agreed and soon found that she had a natural gift for skin care. Jennifer then pursued her certification and begin a 20 plus-year journey into holistic skin care.

Jennifer was introduced to the concept of holistic skin care by the founder of the Body Shop and has continued to cultivate her knowledge through self-directed learning and continuing education. Over that time, she has developed a unique approach to skin care, one that focuses on helping people fall in love with their skin again, instead of focusing on the things they don’t like about it. She acknowledges that skin is dynamic, and that we must honor every season and every stage that it is in. She pairs natural products with holistic techniques to help give her client’s skin the attention and care that it deserves along with the things that it needs to achieve balance. She acknowledges that the modern beauty industry tries to defy nature, but she thinks it is best to work with nature instead of forcing the skin to do things. She also stresses the importance of honoring where you are in life and embracing the aging process. Which she admits is a challenge as she has entered middle age and is noticing the wrinkles and grey hair multiplying.

Jennifer recently joined the corporate team at evanhealy organic skin care and serves as our in-house representative for their products. Jennifer is also always expanding her skills, learning restorative massage techniques, Reiki, and other treatments that further help to bring not just the skin back into harmony, but the whole being.

When not working she enjoys spending time with her husband and three boys, 15-year-old twins and a 9-year-old. She loves learning about herbals and holistic living and spending time in the garden. She just adopted a tortoise named David Bowie, who suffered a terrible paint job at the hands of his previous owners but is happy in his new home. She grudgingly admits to having a bad habit of signing up for online classes and not actually taking them. So, she has committed to finishing the ones she has signed up for already and not signing up for any more until she’s all caught up. We shall see if she sticks with it!