Mary Lancaster brings a warm and loving presence to both her roles as Assistant Innkeeper and Reiki Master at Creekhaven Inn and Spa. Mary has a long history as a health and wellness practitioner in the Wimberley area. Prior to becoming a Reiki Master, Mary worked as a licensed massage therapist. In addition to being a Reiki Master, Mary also has her own business where she serves as a Spiritual Counselor. It was through her work as a Spiritual Counselor that she first met the owner of Creekhaven Inn, Helena Hauk.

Four years ago, Helena attended a workshop taught by Mary and soon engaged her for coaching and Reiki services. This relationship continued even when Mary temporarily relocated to another city. Upon her return in April of 2022, Mary joined the inn on a part time basis. Mary notes that the inn provides the perfect setting for promoting wellness and spiritual health, thanks to the flowing creek, serene, tree-lined grounds, and the owner’s mission to drive health and wellness. This made it a natural fit for Mary to serve as part-time Assistant Innkeeper and to provide her Reiki services through the on-site spa. Mary continues to do her Spiritual counseling and brings that understanding and her mindset as a business owner to her role as Innkeeper. When asked what she hopes guests get to experience when being served by her, Mary says she “hopes guests get a sense of being taken care of and being loved like one of my own.” Above all, she hopes that whether as a guest of the inn or as someone experiencing a Reiki session with her that they leave feeling “an expansive sense of love.”

Outside of the inn and her coaching practice, Mary is also an author and released her debut book, Dare to Express, on September 15th of this year. The book is a “collection of bold and vulnerable stories by brave women” and was written with the goal to inspire self-expression, self-responsibility, and self-awareness in the reader. Mary also loves to travel and to provide her children, ages 17 and 24, with unforgettable experiences. They are currently planning a trip to visit New York at Christmas and look forward to seeing the city during one of its most iconic times. Whether at home or traveling, Mary enjoys listening and dancing to live music. Luckily that is something that is abundant in Wimberley! She also serves as a medium for the San Marcos Area Paranormal Society where they conduct investigations into paranormal phenomena for area residents and businesses. She is certainly and interesting person to talk to and a joyful addition to the inn!